Neighborhood Nursery is a Prop 215 and SB 420 compliant, non-profit mutual benefit corporation. We are a locally owned and operated clone collective based in the beautiful Coachella Valley. We pride ourselves in providing an amazing customer experience through our retail partners listed below.

Stop in at any of the locations and grab our clones off of the shelf! Or shoot us an email below to place a delivery!

Strain List

Cuttings are available in 1.5 inch Oasis cubes for easy transplanting. Our “teen” cuttings are transplanted into 3 inch containers filled with organic potting soil. All mother plants and established cuttings are treated on a weekly basis with OMRI listed products for their IPM (Integrated Pest Management).IMG_1571

Strain availability varies week to week, to stay current on our inventory updates subscribe to our weekly email updates!

Email a picture of your original doctors recommendation and a California ID/DL to get verified today!


Solventless Processing

Coming Soon!

Full flavored! Guaranteed solvent free Cannabis concentrate! 

Dispensaries, delivery services, cultivators and patients alike, if the possibility of residual harsh solvents in traditional extracts turn you off, then we can help! We can process trim, flowers and kief/hash. The fresher the material going in, the better the result/yield coming out. Contact us below for more information! 12534443_183104535383988_955982752_n