How to make Rosin

No Chemicals. No Solvents. No Problem!

Things you will need:

Cannabis! Trim or buds. If they are buds break them down as much as you can.

5gal bucket (food grade preferred)5 Gallon White Bucket & Lid – Food Grade – BPA Free Plastic


Dry Ice (about a pound)

25 micron filter bags for pressing Rosin Industries 25 Micron Nylon Screen Press Bag (100 Pack)

Rosin press of your choice 3×5 Rosin Press Kit, Heater, Controller and Press Plates

Hydraulic Press from Harbor Freight 12 Ton Press

Once the Cannabis and dry ice are in the bucket, begin tumbling the material for 3-5 depending on quantity. Stop the tumble once the kief starts to show a greenish tint. Broken up flowers will tumble longer vs trim will only need a few minutes. It all depends on the material.

Then you collect all of the kief and begin fill your 25 micron filter bags with 3-6 grams of kief. Distribute the material as evenly as possible within the bag and fold the top to seal. Place the filter bag filled with material between a folded piece of parchment and press at 200 degrees. Immediately cool down the freshly pressed rosin before collecting.

Last step: Enjoy your rosin! This batch is the video tested around 82%. All of our batches have tested from 72% – 82% THC, VERY potent. In future videos we will show you what you can do with your rosin besides smoking. Stay tuned!

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